Masterclasses at #SMEX18 will give attendees the chance to create their own personal multi-media training day. Lead by top experts who will share their insight and knowledge.

  • Harnessing social media tell your charity's story

    Practical / Interactive

    How can you amplify your charities stories using social media? We’ll will demonstrate the digital tools used and ideas that can be applied to organisations of all sizes. You’ll leave this session confident about how to amplify your work through social media exploring a range of digital channels to engage with new audiences.
    What you’ll get out of it:
    • An understanding of low-cost tools which can help with storytelling on social media, including live streaming
    • Ideas and inspiration on how you can package your charities story for social media
    • Confidence in setting clear objectives for social media activity
    • A grasp of social media analytics and how to use them effectively.

  • Crowdsourcing Content

    How @NHS is using their community to tell their stories


    Discover how to engage your communities and the people you support to produce great user generated content that champions authentic storytelling. NHS’s Twitter Takeovers put real people at the heart of their campaign. They’ve amplified the impact of their work by encouraging their communities to become storytellers creating and sharing powerful first-hand stories. Find out how User Generated Content can be incorporated into your organisation in this dynamic session.
    What you’ll get out of it:
    • Be able to spot great opportunities for UGC
    • Be able to identify what type of ‘asks’ your audience respond to
    • Understand how to use simple (free!) tools to create great UGC

  • The Power of Sound

    How can charities harness audio storytelling

    Practical / Interactive

    It’s surprising what you hear when you listen. Audio is an amazing storytelling technique but seems to be underused within the charity sector. So how can organisations use audio in their work and what steps do they need to get started. In this interactive and practical session we will provide tips and insights into the role audio storytelling can play in your organisation.
    What you’ll get out of it:
    • Learn different audio storytelling techniques from vox pops to audio diaries to podcasts.
    • Learn interview techniques and about working with sensitive material
    • Get ideas about where sound can work be used within your work.
    • Learn how to use your phone to gather audio stories.

  • Video Storytelling

    Vlogging with Impact

    practical and Interactive

    Do you need some inspiration and fresh ideas to help you develop your organisation’s video storytelling
    strategy? Anyone can vlog (or video blog) if they’ve got a camera, an internet connection and something to say.
    Successful vlogger and Parkinson’s campaigner, Emma Lawton will demystify vlogging – she’ll look
    at the power of video blogging and explore how to produce content that engages people and builds
    audiences. But you’ll also be up on your feet learning how to shoot vlogs so bring your tablets and
    What you’ll get out of it:
    • Explore what vlogging is and how it can work to engage audiences
    • Learn how to give your users a voice
    • See what makes vlogging a success – from producing content to building audiences
    • Get practical tips on how to vlog; how to film, where to set up your camera and what to show

  • Creative Smartphone Photography

    Tips on creative photography, shooting, editing and sharing with your Smartphone

    Interactive and Practical

    George Olney, stories journalist at Crisis we will be sharing with us all the best aspects of shooting, editing and sharing with an iPhone. He’ll share insights into Crisis’ Everybody In campaign as an attempt to challenge negative perceptions of homeless people, looking at informed consent and how capture a person’s story undefined by the label of ‘homeless’ (or any other label) often in challenging situations.  He’ll look at how photography and the written word can be used to share powerful, authentic stories.

    What you’ll get out of it:
    • Understand the importance and potential of authentic storytelling through photography, the written word and other media.
    • Be more confident in using photography to tell human stories.
    • Tips for simple technical and behavioural techniques including the use of available light, the immediate environment, creative composition and the personality of the subject for effective portraiture.


  • Working with a Production Company

    Demystifying the process – from both perspectives


    In this interactive workshop award-winning production company Lambent Productions will share insights into their work, how they share stories around difficult issues, gaining trust and access and consent and balancing the needs of a filmmaker with those of the case studies involved. We’ll also hear firsthand from the charity staff that worked alongside them to put a spotlight on their organisation and cause.
    What you’ll get out of it:
    • Learn what makes a good story on TV
    • Understand how documentary makers work with charities and how these relationships work.
    • Learn what access really means for charities, how does it work if you open your doors?
    • Understand what it means for the people in the films in terms of care and safeguarding
    You will leave with more confidence about working with a production company on your stories.

  • Crowdfunding for your Cause

    Come in for funding, leave with so much more.


    Crowdfunding isn’t only an efficient way to raise money for your project, it’s also an extremely good way to share your message, reach new audiences, market your organisation, gain new advocates and develop social validation.
    In this masterclass, you will learn what the key steps to crowdfunding are, which platforms are best for you, and get invaluable advice in how to use your stories to create solid and emotive content that gets results.
    What you’ll get out of it:
    • Learn what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign
    • Know how to use good storytelling to craft a compelling crowdfunding campaign
    • Get the skills to effectively promote a campaign
    • Learn how to keep supporters engaged after the campaign

  • Giving a Voice to the People you Support

    Amplify your organisation's impact through firsthand storytelling


    Nothing will show your organisation’s impact more powerfully than the authentic, well-told stories of the people you support. But how can you work together to build trust and nurture firsthand storytellers to make a real impact? What are the most effective digital channels to use? Come to this workshop to find out how to harness the power of storytelling for your cause, and give the people you are there to support a platform to tell their stories.
    Hear firsthand from people who are using their experiences to change perceptions in the media and wider systems within society.
    What you’ll get out of it:
    • Discover how a range of charities of all sizes are telling authentic stories by giving a platform to the people they support
    • Explore the barriers that charities might face to working in the way and get solutions
    • Top tips to getting started
    • Share ideas and experiences with other SMEX17 delegates

  • Getting to Grips with Immersive Storytelling


    VR and 360 video are fast emerging as exciting yet realistic formats to communicate with your audience. It’s now not uncommon for 360 videos hosted on Facebook and YouTube to achieve millions of views. This type of media can be a great driver for good – it can build empathy, draw new audiences and even help raise funds. In this session, we will help organisations explore the opportunities that 360 can bring, demonstrate successful case studies, and give top tips for what makes a great 360 concept.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • An introduction to immersive experiences
    • An understanding of the VR/360 video landscape and how it can be of value to charities & other organisations
    • Find inspiration for 360 videos or VR to take back to the office
    • Gain a basic understanding of the 360 video production process