Masterclasses at #SMEX19 will give attendees the chance to create their own personal multi-media training day. Lead by top experts who will share their insight and knowledge.

  • Building a Movement

    How to build a movement on a shoestring


    In this interactive session you’ll explore the why and how of movement building. Sharing their own experiences of launching and building movements Mel & Melissa from Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire will discuss their golden moments and mistakes as they take you on a whistle stop tour of how movements can nurture communities and bring out their hidden gifts.

    What you will learn

    • How to launch a movement and harness different social media platforms
    • Tone of voice
    • Safeguarding and the value of peer support
  • An Insider’s Guide to Developing Your Storytelling Team


    What makes a good story producer? What processes do we need to put in place to capture and share stories in a safe but impactful way? Action for Children’s Story Manager and Story Officer will be taking us behind the scenes to share the building blocks of a storytelling team. This interactive workshop explores the essentials needed on your charity’s storytelling journey, including developing a strategy, consent, working with GDPR, safeguarding, legal issues, storing content and activity planning. This will be applicable to organisations of all sizes.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Understand the key points to developing a storytelling process from commissioning, to gathering and storing.
    • Know the importance and impact of consent and GDPR
    • Consider how to work with different teams to develop appropriate, safe stories
    • Tips and do’s and don’ts to get you started
  • What are the makings of a successful digital campaign?


    What makes an effective digital campaign and how can you reach a wider audience with its message whatever the size of your organisation? In this interactive session, you’ll learn the secrets of successful campaigning and the steps you need to take to build a campaign. If you’re already campaigning, how do you keep the content fresh and up-to-date to reach a new audience? We’ll discuss examples of successful campaigns and there will be an opportunity to brainstorm your campaign ideas as a group.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Understand campaign strategy – how to plan an effective campaign
    • Find what content works for each platform

    • Explore Tools needed for success

    • Discuss examples of successful campaigns

    • Learn how to avoid unexpected results

    • Brainstorm campaign ideas as a group

    This session is sponsored by Lightful 

  • Using Audio To Tell Our Stories

    How Charities can embrace the power of sound

    Practical / Interactive

    Audio is an amazing storytelling technique and the charity sector is starting to see the opportunities it can offer. So why should we think about using audio in our work and what steps do we need to get started. And to podcast or not to podcast? In this interactive and practical session Alan will discuss different audio styles, the rise of issue based programmes and we’ll have the chance to hear examples his company Falling Tree has produced and podcasts produced by the charity sector. He’ll share tips and insights into the role it can play in your organisation and offer feedback on your ideas.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Learn different audio storytelling techniques from vox pops to audio diaries to podcasts and documentaries.
    • Learn how to build trusting relationships with your interviewees
    • Get ideas about where sound can be used within your work
    • Learn how to use your phone to gather audio stories
    • Building an audience
  • Engaging with the Media

    Demystifying the process – from both perspectives


    In this interactive workshop we’ll be bringing together representatives from Channel 4 News, print and online journalism alongside a production company to share insights into their work, how they share stories around difficult issues, gaining trust and access and consent. Our speakers will demystify the storytelling process and answer all your questions.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Learn what makes a good story
    • Understand how journalists and documentary makers work with charities and how these relationships work.
    • Learn what access really means for charities, how does it work if you open your doors?
    • You will leave with more confidence about working with the media on your stories.
  • Amplifying the voices of the People you Support

    Communicate your organisation's impact through firsthand storytelling


    Nothing will show your organisation’s impact more powerfully than the authentic, well-told stories of the people you support. But how can you work together to build trust and nurture firsthand storytellers to make a real impact? What are the most effective digital channels to use? Come to this workshop to find out how to harness the power of storytelling for your cause, and give the people you are there to support a platform to tell their stories.
    Hear firsthand from people who are using their experiences to change perceptions in the media and wider systems within society.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Discover how a range of charities of all sizes are telling authentic stories by giving a platform to the people they support
    • Explore the barriers that charities might face to working in the way and get solutions
    • Discuss consent and working with vulnerable people
    • Top tips to getting started
    • Share ideas and experiences with other SMEX19 delegates
  • Video Storytelling

    practical and Interactive

    Do you need some inspiration and fresh ideas to help you develop your organisation’s video storytelling strategy?  in 2019 it’s predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will be video. We’ll look at how we can harness the power of video and explore how to produce content that engages people and builds audiences.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Explore video and how it can work to engage audiences
    • Learn how to capture powerful stories
    • See what makes social video a success – from producing content to building audiences
    • Get practical tips on what to film
  • Storytelling Through Photography

    Tips on creative photography, shooting, storytelling and sharing

    Interactive and Practical

    In this practical and interactive workshop we will be sharing with all the best aspects of shooting, editing and sharing with an iPhone. Anyone who has a smartphone in their pocket can become a photographer and you don’t need the latest model to create great photos. You’ll learn how take more creative photos that have impact and will get your pictures noticed. We’ll also explore some of the best editing apps out there for giving your photos the edge and adding text.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Learn some photography fundamentals including focus, exposure, light and composition
    • Discover some great features for action shots
    • Have confidence to use a mobile device for creating professional photos
    • Learn about different apps for editing your photos
    • Tips for getting creative with your photography

  • All things Social Media

    How to amplify your impact through social

    Practical / Interactive

    How can you amplify your charity’s stories using social media? We’ll explore best practice from dynamic digital storytelling campaigns and look at digital tools and ideas that can be applied to organisations of all sizes. You’ll leave this session confident about how to amplify your work through social media exploring a range of digital channels to engage with new audiences.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • An understanding of low-cost tools which can help with storytelling on social media, including live streaming
    • Ideas and inspiration on how you can package your charities story for social media
    • Confidence in setting clear objectives for social media activity
    • A grasp of social media analytics and how to use them effectively
  • Crowdfunding for your Cause

    Come in for funding, leave with so much more.


    Crowdfunding is creating social, economic and community-led impacts across the UK – not only by enabling people, communities, charities and businesses to raise funds, but by raising awareness, support and unlocking extra funding for making great ideas a reality. This session will introduce rewards-based crowdfunding, using recent examples and interactive exercises to give you the confidence to give it a try.

    What you’ll get out of it:

    • Learn what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign
    • Have a better understanding of rewards-based crowdfunding
    • Explore some of the techniques which underpin running a successful crowdfunding campaign.